Online Pet Competition

How to Enter

soutez-fb-final-ENG-layers1. Click ' Upload Photo' and enter your name, email and phone number, then enter a name and description for your photo.

2. Choose the category that best matches the image, and then select ' browse' button to find the image on your computer.

3. Click to upload the image, it will upload so long as the image file size is not too large. Ideally, please keep images under 500kb if you can. Images over 3MB will not be able to upload.

4. Images need to be approved by the website administrator before they will be visible on the website, to prevent the jokers amongst us from posting inappropriate images :D. If you dont see your image on the gallery, please be patient and an admin will be along soon to verify it.

TIP: You will find it easier to first save the image on your computer with a name that represents the image. i.e "angry cat photo.jpg" for example. Also, be sure to save the image in a file size small enough to upload and still maintain good image quality. If the image is larger than 3mb you will not be able to upload it. Images less than 5ookb are best.

NOTE: You can enter multiple times ( a maximum of 5 images per user) , and use different images in different categories, however, you can only upload one image at a time. If you have multiple images, just repeat the steps above.