2022 Beef Cattle Section

Manilla Show Society Inc.

2022 Beef Cattle Section

Beef Cattle Stewards: Kate & Meegan Taylor
Ring Stewards: Kate & Meegan Taylor
Assistant Steward: Peter Ormiston
Entry Fee: $7.00 Per Head
PLEASE NOTE!  emailing please send entries to:

PLEASE NOTE!  Show entry fees for individuals are also needed to be paid at the main gate.

All Entries to be Posted To:
Manilla Show Society
Po Box 67
Manilla NSW 2346

Conditions of Entry:

Due to Covid restrictions Entry, day of judging details will be published closer to the time of the show.
  • All cattle must be purebred.
  • The age of the cattle is determined as at the 1st April 2022.
  • Entry fees must be paid in full and must accompany a Beef Entry Form, National Health

Statement and Animal Handling Participant Rick Acknowledgment Waiver Forms. Entries will not be accepted unless all information is provided on the respective form. (Form available online from our website www.manillashowsociety.net)

  • All led cattle 9 months of age and over must have a nose ring or nose clip.
  • Calves on cows may not be older than 9 months as at 1st April 2022.
  • All cattle must carry a NLIS device and owners are responsible for the recording and transferring of their animals.
  • The committee has the right to combine classes and/or breeds if there are insufficient numbers in classes
  • Reserve Champion ribbons will be awarded if there are 3 or more head in the appropriate class.
  • Herefords and Poll Herefords will be judged together.
  • Bedding is NOT Provided.

ALL CATTLE EXHIBITED (including steers) must be Pl TESTED NEGATIVE in order to attend the Manilla Show 2022. No cattle in the Beef Cattle Competition (including calves at foot) are permitted to be exhibited unless tested for PESTIVIRUS and Certified as NON Pl (Persistently lnfected) cattle.

Certification of testing and proof of NON Pl Status will be required to accompany the Beef Cattle Entry Form, in the form of a signed Veterinary Certificate or Laboratory Report listing the said animal and their identification.

  • PIC and NVD|TSS number must be supplied on entry form.

Age Classes as of 1st April 2022 identical for each Breed

1. Bull 9 Months and Under 12 Months
2. Bull 12 Months and Under 16 Months
3. Bull 16 Months and Under 20 Months
Champion and Reserve Champion Junior Bull
4. Bull 20 Months and Under 24 Months
5. Bull 24 Months and Under 30 Months
6. Bull 30 Months and Over
Champion and Reserve Champion Senior Bull
Grand champion Bull
7. Heifer 9 Months and Under 12 Months
8. Heifer 12 Months and Under 16 Months
9. Heifer 16 Months and Under 20 Months
Champion and Reserve Champion Heifer
10. Heifer 20 Months and Under 24 Months
11. Cow 24 Months and Under 30 Months
12. Cow 30 Months and Over
Champion and Reserve Champion Heifer or Cow
Grand Champion Female
Interbreed Classes
13. Led Steer Trophy
14. Cross Breed Steer or Trade Beast Trophy  
15. Best Two Females (Under 24 Months).
16. Best Two Bulls (Under 24 Months)
17. Junior Heifer and Junior Bull (Under 20 Months) Bred by Exhibitor.
18. Breeders Group (to comprise of 3 animals representing both sexes).
19. Supreme Champion Female of Show.
20. Supreme Champion Bull of Show.
21. Most Successful Exhibitor (residing within 26 km of Manilla). Silver Jubilee Trophy.
22. Most Successful Exhibitor (any Exhibiter).
23. Senior Paraders (12 Years and Under 19 Years) No Entry Fee.
The Manilla Show Society would like to Thank all of the Sponsors of the 2022 Beef Cattle Section