About us

Founded in 1932, the Manilla Show Society is a community organisation which coordinates the Annual Manilla Show.

This year, 2021, we will host the 89th Annual Manilla Show.

We welcome all current and past members of the Manilla community and surrounding district to attend the show and enjoy a great weekend in a fun family friendly atmosphere.

Manilla Show Society Inc. - Office Bearers

Executive Committee:

Patrons: Mrs Doris Budden, Mr Paul Budden , Mr Toby Grant. President: Mr Jim Maxwell
Vice President: Mr Rod Northey
Secretary/ Treasurer: Mrs LouEllen Overton

Assistant Secretary: Mrs Jane Martin
Assistant Treasurer: Mr Doug Artuso
Ringmaster: Mrs Teena Bridge
Announcer: Mr Hamish Abra
Showgirl Committee: Ms Katie Martin, Mrs Sally Purtle, Ms Emma Martin, Mrs Sarah Thurn, Ms Natalie Martin,

Rules & Protests Committee:

The executive and steward of relevant section

Section Stewards:

Mr David Alywin, Mrs Teena Bridge, Mr Donald Cormie, Mrs Dianne Kneipp, Ms Alison McCarthy, Mrs Glenys McDonald, Mr Tim McDonald, Ms Janette Meehan, Mr Rodney Northey, Mr Dom Price, Mrs Cheryl Randall, Mr Tim Rees, Mrs Lorraine Taber, Mrs Jessica Taylor,
Mr Ken Tydd, Mrs Rachael Harry ,Ms Lana Cronin, Mrs Cathy Farmilo, Mr Samuel Plevey, Mrs Kylie Taber, Mr David Ridgewell, Mr James Galloway.

Manilla Show Society Inc. – Life Members

Honorary Life Members:
Mr & Mrs Kel Archibald (Presented 2004), Mrs Vince Flett (Presented 2006) , Mrs Sue Beale (Presented 2018), , Mrs Delma Sneesby, Mr Allan Sneesby (Presented 2019)

Financial Life Members:

Mr & Mrs R Alston, Mrs Margaret Barnes, Mr P Budden, Mr & Mrs P Capel, Mr & Mrs Robert Carey, Mr Donald Cormie, Mr & Mrs H Dowe, Mr & Mrs P Ford, Mr & Mrs Denis Forrest, Mr & Mrs D Gee, Mr & Mrs D Howard, Mr& Mrs E Leyden, Mr & Mrs J Maxwell, Mr & Mrs B Maxwell, Mr & Mrs D Maxwell, Mr S Maxwell, Mr & Mrs R Nist, Mr D Nixon, Miss L Nixon, Mr & Mrs B Norris, Mrs L Overton, Mr & Mrs William Randall, Mr & Mrs N Rowland, Mrs & Mrs A Rutherford, Mr & Mrs D Saint, Mr & Mrs Warren Sneesby, Mr R Sneesby, Mrs S Scutt, Mr & Mrs BTaber,Mr&MrsPTaber,Mr&MrsDThurn,Mr&MrsEWall,Mr&MrsKWeekes, MrsS Yeates.

Jim Maxwell


Rodney Northey

Vice President

Hamish Abra

Junior Vice President

LouEllen Overton


Jane Martin

Assistant Secretary

Doug Artuso

Assistant Treasurer

Teena Bridge


Jessica Taylor

Head Pavillon Steward