2022 Horticulture Section

Manilla Show Society Inc.

2022 Horticulture Section

2021 Garden Champion
Jenny Hall / John Ross

Manilla Show Society Garden Competition

Stewards: Ruth Schwager and Trish Smith

Entry Fee: $1:00 Prize Money 1st $5:00, 2nd $2.50

Entry forms may be entered at the Show Office prior to Friday 11th March, 2022


Conditions of Entry:

o All entries must be paid in full and accompany a General Entry Form

o ENTRIES CLOSE AT 10:00AM SATURDAY 12th March, 2022. This will be strictly adhered to. no late entries accepted.

o Exhibitors MUST, complete ENTRY FORM.

o All exhibitors with the exception of those who are Stewards must vacate Pavilion by 10:15am.

 o Exhibits will be judged according to standards set out by the Royal Horticultural Society of NSW.

o Judging will commence at 10:30am and the Judges decision will be final in all classes,

o All plants and cut flowers in this section must be grown by and be the property of the exhibitor, for at least 3 months. Except Section D-Decorative.

o Entries may be entered at the Horticulture Pavilion at the Showground from 3-6pm Friday and from 8:00am to 10:00am on Saturday morning of the Show.

o Entries must be collected between 9amam and 12:00 noon Sunday 13th March, 2022,

o Entries not collected by 12:00 noon Sunday will be left outside of Horticulture Pavilion,

o Points will be awarded for the Most Successful Exhibitors and Runner Up

o NND - Not Necessarily Distinct & Distinct — Different.

Section A - Miscellaneous

PLEASE NOTE: Blooms listed in other Sections not eligible.

 179. Gerbera, 1 stem.

180.Miniature Marigolds, 3 stems — NND.

181. Daises, Any variety, 2 cuts — NND.

182. Salvia, 2 cuts, one variety.

183. Flowering Shrubs or Tree, 2 cuts, one variety.

184.Flowering Creeper, 2 cuts, one variety.

185. Any flower not mentioned, 3 cuts.

186. Specimen cut or stem of flower not mentioned.

187. Australia Native — cut or stem of flowering tree or shrub

Champion Exhibit in Section A (Ribbon)

Section 1A - Pot Plants Please Note: All pots to be no more than 35.5cm (14inches) across top (inside measurements), hanging containers excluded. Only one plant per pot, unless stated otherwise

188. Pot Plant, coloured foliage.

189. Pot Plant, variegated foliage.

190. Green foliage plant.

191. Maiden Hair Fern.

192. Fern in container (variety not mentioned).

193. Begonia in bloom.

194. Begonia, leaf, coloured leaf.

 195. Pot Plant, Cactus & Succulent 3

or more in a container

 196. Pot Plant Cactus and

or succulent one only in container.

197. Pot Plant in bloom.

198. Plant in hanging container — Succulent

199. Plant in hanging container — Fern, any variety.

200. Flowering plant in hanging container.

201. Plant in hanging container — Not in Bloom.

202. Climbing or Twining Plant, e.g. Ivy

Champion Exhibit Pot Plant (Ribbon)

Section B — Dahlias Dahlia Size:


Miniature — over 90mm and under 120mm Small — over 120mm and under 160mm Medium — over 160mm and under 210mm Cactus:

Miniature --- over 90mm and under 120mm Small — over 120mm and under 160mm Medium — over 160mm and under 210mm Large Exhibition Cactus — 160mm or over


Over 90mm and under 160mm


Under 50mm


All Dahlias over 160mm to be shown one bloom per vase

All Dahlias under 160mm to be shown three blooms per vase (unit)

Container of Dahlias must be between 6 and 12 blooms per container

  • 203. Medium Decorative Dahlia
  • 204. Three Medium Decorative Dahlias — NND
  • 205. Unit of Small Decorative Dahlias — NND
  • 206. One Small Decorative Dahlias
  • 207. Unit of Miniature Decorative Dahlias — NND
  • 208. One Medium Garden Cactus — NND
  • 209. Three Medium Garden Cactus — NND
  • 210. Unit of Small Garden Cactus — NND
  • 211. One Miniature Garden Cactus
  • 212. Unit of Miniature Garden Cactus — NND
  • 213. One Large Exhibition Cactus
  • 214. Unit of Pompon — NND
  • 215. One Nymphea
  • 216. Unit Nymphea
  • 217. Unit of ball or show type Dahlia over 90mm
  • 218. Fimbriated Dahlia, any size
  • 219. Container of Mixed Dahlia
  • 220. Container of Dahlia, one variety

Champion Exhibit Dahlia (Ribbon) Section C - Roses

Please Note: Foliage to be shown.

  • 221. Specimen Rose
  • 222. Specimen Rose, two or more colours
  • 223. Specimen Rose, David Austen
  • 224.Cut Single Rose — Rose of five (5) petals
  • 225. One cut Floribunda
  • 226. One cut Miniature Rose
  • 227. Container Roses, 6 Stem, mixed colours
  • 228. Bud to full bloom, 3 stages

Champion Rose (Ribbon)

Section D - Decorative

Please Note: Natural embellishments allowed.

Traditional — No material to be cut.

  • 229. Frontal Arrangements of Mixed Flowers — at least 3 varieties
  • 230. Leaf Arrangements

Champion Arrangement (Ribbon)

Section E: Geranium

Please Note: Single geranium has only 5 petals. Cut of geranium must have foliage attached.

  • 231. One Pot Coloured Leaves — pot to be 35.5cm or under
  • 232. One Cut Double Geranium
  • 233. One Cut Single Geranium
  • 234. One Rosebud Geranium
  • 235. One Cut Double Ivy Geranium
  • 236. One Cut Single Ivy Geranium
  • 237. One Cut Foliage

Champion Geraniums (Ribbon)

Betty Steward Memorial

Please Note: All entries in Section F must be the work of the child entering these classes.

  • 238. Posy for Grandma — posy to be in water, ribbon etc. allowed.
  • 239. Vegetable and/or Fruit Novelty — work to be firm and secure for display.
  • 240. Recycled Containers — Any medium e.g. old boot box (wood), jam tin, jar, milk/cereal cartons etc. Plants can be flowers succulents, herbs or plant of any type.
  • 241. Pot of Herb, Salad Mix, Vegetable or Flower.
  •  Champion Child Exhibitor (Ribbon)

Overall winner in section NOT including Dahlias
will receive cash prize donated by the Manilla
District Garden Club Prize $25.

Thank you to our sponsors:
Mrs Jo Cruishank
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