2022 Farm Produce Section

Manilla Show Society Inc.

2022 Farm Produce Section

2021 Highest Scoring Farm Produce Exhibitor
Steve Moore

Farm Produce Stewards: David Alywin 02 67851288 & David Ridgewell 02 67852160
Kindly sponsored by TAYGAR Earthmoving.

Entry Fee: $1.00 per Class

Prize Money: 1st - $3.00, 2nd - $2.00

Conditions of Entry:

  • All entries must be paid in full and accompany a General Entry Form.
  • All Produce will be Judged Saturday 12th March, 2022 and must be in the Pavillion no later than 9:00 am
  • Exhibits can be collected between 9 am & 1 :00pm on Sunday 13th March, 2022.
  • Competition is open to all growers in NSW. Exhibits must have been grown by exhibitors or family and be of the last seasons crop.
  • One exhibit only is required to be eligible for such relevant class or classes entered for.
  • Interested persons please note that pumpkins and melons will be cut.
  • Please leave tops on leafy vegetables and leave some stem on pumpkins, gramma and squash.


51. One Dozen Hen Eggs (white). Weight and shell texture will be taken into consideration.
52. One Dozen Hen Eggs (brown). Weight and shell texture will be taken into consideration.
53. Half Dozen Tomatoes.
54. Half Dozen Cocktail Tomatoes.
55. Three Onion.
56. Three Parsnips.
57. Three Beetroots.
58. Three White Turnips.
59. Three Carrots.
60. Three Swede Turnips.
61. Silver Beets.
62. 250g French Beans.
63. 250g Beans. Any other variety other than French.
64. One Table Pumpkin, other than Queensland Blue. Variety to be named.
65. One Table Pumpkin. Queensland Blue.
66. Butternut Pumpkin.
67. One Vegetable Marrow.
68. One Squash.
69. One Hubbard Squash.
70. Any Vegetable Variety Not Mentioned (variety to be named).
71. One Banana Squash.
72. Three Cucumbers, Apple Variety.
73. Three Cucumbers, Any Variety Other Than Apple.
74. Best Collection of Herbs.
75. Collection Salad Vegetables, 4 or more Varieties.
76. One Gramma.
77. Biggest Pumpkin.
78. One Watermelon.
79. One Rockmelon, Honey Dew.
80. Best Collection of Vegetables, not less than 6 varieties.
81. Three Quinces.
82. Three Potatoes.
83. Three Zucchinis.
84. Three Cobs/Ears, Sweet Corn.

84.1  Jar of Honey (screw lid, year of bottling to be on jar).

Highest Scoring Farm Produce Exhibitor will Win Mervyn Boman Pertpetual Trophy