2021 Handicraft Section

Manilla Show Society Inc.

Handicraft Section

Champion Machine Sewn Article
Kerry Caruna
Champion Open Handicraft
Brian Goodall
Champion Knitted Article
Delma Sneesby/Gay Bonham
Champion Over 70’s
Delma Sneesby/Helen Hawker
Champion Needlework
Joan Cumberland

Handicraft Steward: Jessica Taylor , Delma Sneesby, Christine Bennet.

Conditions of Entry:

Due to Covid restrictions the 2021 Manilla Show Pavilion entries will be viewed online only. By submitting an entry you agree to the possibility of your entry being displayed online, on our Facebook page, website.
  • For this year only (2021) there will be no entry fees payable and no prize money given. Place getters will be acknowledged with a Ribbon and or Place card.
  • All entries must be accompanied with a General Entry Form.
  • Exhibitors Tickets must be attached to each article.
  • Exhibits must be delivered to the Pavilion by Thursday 11th March, 2021 by 5:00pm please note that Manilla Show Society executive will not take responsibility for any exhibits entered after that time.
  • All exhibits must be the bona fide work of the exhibitors.
  • Work must be unwashed and cleanliness is essential.
  • No exhibits can be entered in more than one class.
  • Groups of articles must be defined as ONE article.
  • No article – or part there of that has won a prize at a previous Manilla Show is not eligible to be re-entered .
  • Any picture or wall hangings must be properly mounted for hanging.
  • Additional Sections may be added where it is deemed appropriate by the Show Society Executive.
  • Entries may be relocated to the appropriate section at the discretion of the Show Society Executive.
  • All articles will be displayed following the OH&S standards set down by Agricultural shows requirements. 
Junior Handicraft Section
All Exhibits in Junior Handicraft Section must be CHILDS OWN WORK. Judge reserves the right to penalise any exhibit they deem to be adult assisted.
Lego, Duplo item, not a collection.
1.Pre-School (Duplo Only)
(a) Freestyle (child using their own imagination)
(b) Boxed kit (instructions to be attached)
(a)Freestyle (child using their own imagination)
(b)Boxed kit (instructions to be attached)
3.Years 1 & 2
(a)Freestyle (child using their own imagination)
(b)Boxed kit (instructions to be attached)
4.Years 3 & 4
(a)Freestyle (child using their own imagination)
(b)Boxed kit (instructions to be attached)
5.Years 5 & 6.
(a)Freestyle (child using their own imagination) 
(b)Boxed kit (instructions to be attached)
Infants Craft
6. Pre-School Article of Craft.
7. Kindergarten Article of Craft.
8. Year 1 Article of Craft.
9. Year 2 Article of Craft.
Primary Craft
10. Years 3 & 4 Article of Craft.
11. Years 5 & 6 Article of Craft.
Junior Craft
12. Years 7, 8 ,9 and 10
a) Machine Sewn Article.
b) Article of Craft.
13. Years 11 & 12
a) Machine Sewn Article.
b) Article of Craft.
Open Handicraft Section
14. Decorated Box (any medium).
15. Folk Art, Decorative.
16. Paper Craft
a) Any Medium.
b) Any Card.
17. Covered Coat Hanger
a) Lace.
b) Any other medium.
18. Child’s Soft Toy.
19. Cushion, made up.
20. Scrap Booking, Double Page.
21. Dressed Doll.
22. Recycled Article, any medium.
23. Christmas Decorations (3)
24. Decorative Toy
25. Beaded Article or item.
26. Craft not mentioned.
Champion Open Handicraft
27. Any Knitted Article made from 3 or 4 ply yarn.
28.Any Knitted Article made from 5 – 7ply yarn (inclusive)
29. Any knitted Article made from 8 -11ply yarn
30. Any Knitted Article made from 12 ply and over
31. Hand Knitted Shawl.
32. Knitted Rug.
Champion Knitted Article


33. Centre Piece or Tray Cloth.
34. Small Article of Crochet.
35. Large Article of Crochet.
36. Crochet garment
37. Rug.

Senior Section, Over 70’s.

38. Any Article of Knitting or Crocheting.
39. Any Article of Needlework.
40. Any Article Not Specified.

Champion Over 70’s

Needlework Section

41. Article of Ribbon Embroidery
42. Article of Wool Embroidery.
43. Article of Candlewicking.
44. Article of Hand Embroidery (technique not specified).
45. Tapestry – Article of counted thread using either Aida cloth or woven linen.
46. Patchwork Article – not quilt
47. Patchwork Article – table runner/centerpiece
48. Patchwork Article – quilt, cot or single
49. Patchwork Article – quilt, double,queen,king
50. Hand Quilted Article.
51. Machine Quilted Article (not professionally quilted) This section is for domestic machine quilting..
52. Article Featuring Machine Embroidery
53. Article featuring machine applique
54. Article feauring hand applique .
55. Article featuring 2 or more techniques from Sections 46 to 54
56. Article of needlework not specified.
Champion Needlework
Machine Sewn Section
57. Any Machine Article (must have three entries for champion to be awarded).
Champion Machine Sewn Article
Grand Champion Exhibit - Best Piece of Work
Hobby & Model Section – Cars, Trucks, Boats and Planes etc.
16 Years & Under
58. Non-Powered Models.
59. Motorized Models.
17 Years & Over
60. Non-Powered Models.
61. Motorised Models.
Open Model Section
62. Radio Controlled & Petrol Powered Models.
Champion Model
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